About the Corporation

Since 2004, the Casselman Downtown Revitalization Corporation has prioritized the economic, touristic and cultural development of its community.

The Corporation aims to:
• Increase the centretown’s vitality
• Encourage local businesses
• Attract tourists to Casselman and neighbouring communities
• Create a feeling of belonging to the Casselman community

The Casselman Christmas Festival:

The Casselman Christmas Festival is an annual event celebrating French-Canadian traditions and culture during the Christmas season. The Festival is characterized by the cultural animation of the holiday season and the beauty of its fairytale scenery, giving visitors a chance to re-live childhood memories.

Corporation Board Members

Antonella De Dona, President and Secretary

Mario Laplante, Treasurer

Francyn LeBlanc, Municipal Council Representative

Manon Drouin, Administrator

Catherine Boulanger, Administrator

Johanne Turcotte, Administrator